Does anyone feels like learning git and github is as equally chanllenging as learning web development?

I always got all those command confused and sometimes I can upload my files to the site without problem but more oftenly I just messed it up and see all these error messages I don’t really understand…

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I personally use a GUI frontend. Makes it easier to visualize things, and see the differences, which branches are on the remote, which branches are on my local git, etc.

Free and works on both Mac and Windows.


Thanks! I will give it a try!

I took the Git course on Udacity and it was a tremendous help, its interactive too which helps a lot. I took a lot of notes as far as commands and what they do and referred to that a lot at first,…for everything, but I made a point to start using git from then on…so every day for the past 3 weeks Ive been adding, committing, pushing, pulling , and now I can do most things without my notes at all.

i did recently run into problems with merging a branch cause I dont often create branches, but I had my notes to refer to and was able to get through it fine. I use the git CLI which only seems intimidating, but once you learn the commands its no big. I tried to use git through my Sublime editor, but I kept going back to the CLI to make very sure that the changes actually happened, and sometimes they didnt…it made me paranoid lol so I went back to just using the CLI.

Heres the course…I highly recommend it :smiley:


Thanks for the info.

I did the course (50% maybe?) a few months ago.
Now I have forgotten most of it.

I think it is time to do a revisit. XD

No prob! Yeah when I first did the course, I stopped once it got to pull requests, since I really only wanted to learn enough to do my own version control… but I got bored / needed a mental break from coding and finished the course…turned out to be a lot of fun.

Also, cause of git / github I now have a history of all the work Ive done and how Ive progressed for future employers to look at. I push everything…my projects, my Free Code Camp challenges, my CS50 practice sets… I code every day and literally, everything Ive coded for the past 3 weeks is now in my github.

Trust me, if you use it enough, you’ll get the hang of it in no time. You’ve got this :smiley:

yeah. I used to use codepen and create different version of a page to do my own “version control”.

1.0 it looks right.
2.0 don’t open this site on mobile else your eyes will hurt


Gonna keep on coding. No doubt about that though.

I love your personal site btw!
Looks great!

Awe! Thanks so much! :blush:

Yeah, thats actually how Ive done version control all this time myself here… So not unusual for me to have several files like index, Orig_index, index00, index0001 :joy: I mean, I did it for so long and really,though I heard of git and github, I never looked into how it could help me til FCC.

I swear, its like night and day… cause before even when I had one version of a file, then would save it and open up another version of the file…I would often get on a roll with working on it and then if something messed up, I was stuck with either starting over from original file, or Ctrl-X’ing my way through my working file to get back to the point where I wanted. I got used to it, but that was a pain.

Now, everytime I do any little ting I just do a commit, takes 2 seconds to do so its no big. and I can use diff to see a side by side view of exactly what I changed if something went wrong…plus Im more adventurous as far as just going hrmm…this will probably completely break everything but…lets see what happens!!! and then either yup, I broke it, no big just go back one commit, or wow, that worked…commit it and move on. So theres actually a lot of freedom in doing things this way as opposed to having a lot of files even if you’re not collaborating.

I’ve known how to use Git and GitHub for a long time so I’ve never seen it as challenging.

GitHub has a web GUI therefore I still don’t understand why the need to learn Git with the command line.
That’s for nerds (just kidding, but really!)

Yeah… trying to challenge myself do it the “proper” way.

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Well…Im super new to it and all so much of what I know is in theory lol but Github is not the only service out there… and from my understanding, while Github is popular in open source development, theres a couple others that are more popular for corporate use… and Github GUI only works with Github.

Ive also read that there are certain commands that are only possible through CLI … I read a blog where a guy said its a no brainer to go from using a CLI to a GUI, but the other way around is rough, and some companies / projects require CLI.

Now, take everything I said with a grain of salt LOLall this is just stuff I read while trying to decide which way I want to go…and I just decided Id rather learn git CLI now while my projects are small and manageable that way Im familiar with it… I guess cause I havnt used a GUI yet I dont know how much easier it could be, but now that Ive gotten the hang of it, its not so bad.


Good points - maybe later on I will learn it. I’m quite busy with what I’m learning now. As new developers there is so much to learn, it seems that CLI Git should be low on our priority list. We’re trying to get a grip on HTML/CSS/design/JS/APIs/frameworks/etc…

I used Git at first with the GUI, then switched over to Gitkraken, then in the end ended up going almost CLI only just because it’s quicker when I already have command line open all the time. I haven’t done the Udacity course but what really helped me was and also just making a folder with one file and a couple of changes and using that to test commands when I wasn’t sure.

I still have to look up stuff now and then, but the basics are in my head. And when I find myself occasionally looking up the same command because I rarely use it and it’s hard to remember, I’ll add a git alias for it.

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