Learning Git and Github is very frustrating

I thought I would only have a hard time learning javascript, but Git and Github is also difficult. It seems like a lot of work to save your code. I’m still willing to learn through trial and error how to use the tools that comes with Git. However, I would frequently pause in my studies just to figure out these tools. This leaves me feeling very frustrated!

Would it be better to dedicate a day or two towards understanding Git rather than during the times I’m studying the curriculum?

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It is super frustrating to learn. The basics are pretty simple, but when something goes wrong, trying to figure out how to fix your Git mistake can take an obnoxious amount of time and trial-and-error. I say this as someone who spent her entire last workday trying to dig herself out of a Git mistake hole.

If you don’t feel comfortable with the basics of what to do when everything is going well, then it’s probably worth spending a day going through a tutorial or something. Beyond that though, these sorts of tools are almost always learned by the seat of your pants and researching problems as they arise.


Thanks for replying! I’m undertand the basic commands on Git Bash, however, I feel incompetent when I can’t solve a problem right away. I’m trying not to be hard on myself because I know that it takes time to problem-solve.

I find that swearing and chocolate help**.

** as much as anything else does

I have mint chocolate chip ice cream; does that help?!:joy:

Definitely. It’s medicinal.

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If you’re just getting started and want to save your code somewhere, just download the GitHub desktop app.

I used that for months, committed code and continued on with my day without even learning git.

At some point you’ll have to learn it the long way but don’t let that stop you from uploading code

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Like Aries2k, I also found that a graphical client helps. My favorite is sourcetree. https://www.sourcetreeapp.com

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I feel your pain, man! I’ve also used sourcetree. It’s very helpful in the beginning. I also have a git cheatsheet that has commands I use frequently. I also like OverAPI.com for their git cheatsheet and all their other great cheatsheets, too! One other tool is here. Dangit Git is a big help when you have gotten yourself into a deep mess and need a quick fix. Hope this helps!