Working with GIT/GITHUB

hey guys, thanks for tuning in!

Is there anyone who has absolutely no idea working with Git or Github. I know about them but I am not sure about pulling requests and importing and all the other stuff (from codepen). I would like to move my code to my Github account so as to showcase my work on the go.

Ps: Need a slow pace demonstration because I find it a bit complicated. Thanks! :blush:

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I highly recommend Udacity’s How to Use Git and GitHub course.

I moved all my projects from codepen to GitHub Pages after I finished the course :slight_smile: .


I will check that out. Thank you :blush:

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I’ve signed up to it and have the vaguest idea of how to work with it but if you put me on the spot, I’d probably be a bit “nope”, but that might be because I have no idea what I can use it for right now.

I liked DevTips GitHub for Noobs as a good intro. Plus he’s fun

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I think Git (or anything) is hard to understand initially if you’re not using it.

Try making one of your projects work locally then follow any Git tutorial to push it to your GitHub. Once you’ve done it once then it starts to make sense.

You could also use the codeschool’s $9 trial and go through their git sections.
There also seems to be a lot of content on git over at (use microsoft’s offer to get 3 months of pluralsight for free).

this looks amazing. Thanks! :blush:

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