What is Github and should I be using it right from the beginning of learning to code?

Hi all,

I’ve had my head down in learning HTML and CSS for the last month and I’ve been making some pretty good progress through use of FCC, Lynda, Coursera, forums etc…

I keep hearing about GitHub and I have done some research both here on forums and just generally to work out what it is and I’m still really struggling to understand. I understand at the most basic level that it’s for collaborating on projects and being able to manage changes effectively. I don’t really see how this would relate to me as a newbie, but I keep hearing that it’s something that you should be using to track your progress. What does this actually mean though?

If anyone could explain or knows some articles explaining how if/how I should be using it as someone who is new to coding, and why it is useful that would be great!

Many thanks.

Git and GitHub in Plain English

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That was a great read. Very helpful. Thanks.