GitHub for newbies

Hey Guys!

Im just learning HTML now and began the #100daysofcode
I read that its important to put our skills and advances on github to save my journey and to share with other people. I createad an account there and did the tutorial guide but i didnt understand how to put my exercises done there.
Maybe its not usual for me because im just beginning or am i wrong ?

See u!


Yeah, github is important. And yes, github is a little confusing at first.

Git is the technology for managing different versions of your app. It is very powerful if you have a team working on the same app in different stages that need to be merged at various points and allow you to back up. It is truly amazing what it manages to do.

Github is a web service that gives you a place to store these repos (short for repositories) so different people can have access. There are other services, but github is common and free. On a most basic level, you can “push” up the current version of your code so you have a permanent storage. That’s mostly what you’ll do in the beginning.

Github has documentation and I’m sure there are videos on how to get started. If you want to get deeper, there is a free ebook out there called Mastering Git. It may too much for you at this point, but will help with a deeper understanding. Personally, I think that the more complicated parts of git are just too hard to understand until you’ve worked on a large project with lots of people. But you can get the basics.


There’s a little organization called FCC that has some videos.


También soy nuevo en el tema de la programación y termine el curso de HTML en freecodecamp y videos en YOUTUBE. Que me recomiendan hacer, subir mi aprendizaje en Github o esperar aprender un poco mas?

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Thanks for the explanation @kevinSmith !
I will look for this ebook and watch the videos you sent the link.

Acabo de empezar html … ¿estás terminando?

HI @maharishiI!

Welcome to the forum!

I am also a beginner (7 months in) and github was a little intimidating at first but you will get the hang of it.

Alot of people will put their FCC projects on github or algorithm challenges.

For me, I have a repo of my codewars challenges and other repos for solo projects I am currently working on.

I would definitely look into those resources that @kevinSmith mentioned.
After you watch some tutorials you can practice making your first repo.

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Hi @jwilkins.oboe!

I did my first repo following the steps of a tutorial there. It was ok but i felt like if i didnt know why i was doing that but i will take the material that @kevinSmith mentioned and learn about.

Thanks for your answer.

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It’s going to be confusing at first and that is normal.

Once you understand the basics of git and github, then you will understand how great it is.

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Hello @maharishiI
Here’s a great resource to learn git/github.

I hope this helps you to get started with git/github. Good luck!


Where can I find the #100daysofcode?

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@Porphyrogennitos You can learn about it here


Hey guy!

Thanks for the link. Surely it will help me.


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I have also began using GitHub and git so im here to learn

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