Question about github (Beginner)

Is it good practice to upload whatever you’re working on into github so you can get feedback from other people? I have a github account and I have never used it. I want to get my portfolio website on there because it is currently a work in progress and I could get valuable feedback on github right?



Github is a platform that allows you to store your code in a cloud based environment. It makes use of git, which is a version control system (a program that helps you manage different versions of a file or folder over time) to provide you with great repository management.

Its perfectly normal if you use it to showcase your projects or just keep track of your progress as you learn new concepts in programming. ( I too still have my very first website I created on my github account.)

freecodecamp has a great tutorial on this if you want to learn more about these concepts.

Hope this helps! :smile:


Thank you, I have watched that video before. Maybe I am just a little slow but github and git are confusing to me. I thought I uploaded my portfolio onto github correctly but I don’t see my code or my website. Maybe I just need to watch this video again

I created the repository and named it ‘portfolio-website’, but it’s like there’s nothing to show for it

GitHub is very important to showcase your work and consistency during learning and building phase.

My CTO once said committing code is like heartbeat, you should keep committing once you finish some significant portion of code at regular basis every day.

Treat GitHub as your most precious asset to get your dream job in future.

You can search about GitHub basics, good practices etc on YT, there are tons of great videos.

As well start following other developers on GitHub who are in your field of interest.

Also do check I suggest to watch Secret to Learning To Code | JavaScript Mentor Session #learntocode - YouTube few times and understand how to break down big problem into smallest chunk possible.

Once you solve this smallest problem; commit it. It will help improving your confidence and feel good factor every day.

Think like 1 pull up at a time; till you get biceps like Dwayne Johnson eventually :smiley:

I think you are off to a good start.

Two things that I noticed though

Your formatting is inconsistent.
You should use a tool like prettier which will format your code

There are a lot of videos online about how to set that up with your code editor of choice.

I would suggest familiarizing yourself with Vite for creating a new react project.
There are tons of great videos and articles like this one to show you how

That will get you used to how it is setup in professional projects instead of using the unpkg scripts

hope that helps

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Hey! I checked out your repo and well done on creating a repo and commiting changes to it.

It’s perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed when you’re learning new concepts. Git and Github are very complex tools and it takes years to master them.

Just start small and learn one thing at a time. As @vikramvi suggested, building a habit of updating your github repository on a regular basis would help you get the hang of things a lot faster that just consuming a bunch of information.

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@jwilkins.oboe @staranbeer Thank you both so much! Incredibly helpful! :raised_hands:

The basic Git and Github workflow you will use 95% of the time really isn’t that complicated. But it can be pretty intimidating at first.

But there is no doubt about it, Git can get very complicated and confusing when you get into the more technical side. There are plenty of people that use it every day without fully understanding how it works and for the most you really do not need to. Seeing as it was originally created by the guy that wrote Linux it isn’t hard to see why. Let’s just lovingly say it was created by a bunch of nerds and as such it perhaps isn’t the most user-friendly.


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