Github for a newbie?

I am just about done with The basics of html. I have found a tutorial for doing a website with just html. I don’t know how it works yet but I defiantly feel like I need a little bit extra work on the subject before moving on. I have never done anything like this before and while I understand what I am learning I don’t want to move to quickly and get stuck down the road. That being said.

Is there anything using GitHub that I can take advantage of now?

If not at what point can I start doing something?

I am asking because I was reading our weekly emails and on hiring manager said how uses git hub to see how passionate people are about coding because it tracks how often you work and what not. Also was mentioned she looked for almost daily activity. I want to be end game so any tips are welcome.

Tools like GitHub really become relevant when you get to the point where you are building projects that you want to keep and maintain. For example, if you plan to build a personal website I suggest setting it up as a GitHub repository. (You can even deploy it through GitHub for free using GitHub Pages).

I like this article for people who don’t yet see when or why to use something like Git:

In terms of regular GitHub activity, sure you can create a lot of activity by working on your own stuff every single day, but it will also show your engagement with projects that are hosted on GitHub that you participate in. The longer you stick around communities like this, the more you’ll see people encouraging you to get involved in Open Source projects. When you’re doing that, if the project is on GitHub (there are other services) your GitHub profile will show when you participate in code reviews, engage with triaging issues, and creating pull requests.

Let’s look at some forum members’ profiles…
@JeremyLT is the primary contributor of an OS library for his PhD research:

@nhcarrigan contributes to freeCodeCamp, but we can see he also has his own passion projects that he spends a lot of time on.

@RandellDawson has been deeply involved with freeCodeCamp for a long time. We can see that he spends a lot of his time doing code reviews:

And just to be fair, here’s me. (See if you can guess when I changed jobs from a company that didn’t use GitHub to one that does.)

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Thank you I am so excited. So if I go and try to make website using just html I can do that through GitHub? If I am understanding you? I am off to read this article. Thank you so much for all the information I truly feel one step closer to understanding where I I need focus things.

You could use GitHub and GitHub pages as part of your process.

Thank you so much. I am very excited to dive in even if I am clearly way over my head. I am one of those who learns to swim while drowning type.