No version control course on fcc

As a newbie in programming, I see a lot of github profiles filled with projects. But my github profile is very scanty. But at the same time, freecodecamp does not have a git or version control course. Just thinking if it is a good idea just continue to learn and not build my github profiles

Hi @abioludipe ,

I would suggest that you learn git first. That way you be able to build your GitHub profile along with learning and then use those projects to create a portfolio. A portfolio of projects will help you land a job easily and even if landing a job is not your goal, version control is something every developer should know. It has a bit of a learning curve but with all the awesome features that git (or any other version control tool) has , you’ll never regret learning it.

FCC does not offer a course on git, but there are many other courses on git available for free. You can use this course from Udacity to learn git.



They do! Here’s a Git and GitHub Crash Course for beginners from freeCodeCamp:

It’s an hour-long video lesson published in May 2020…

Do google git freeCodeCamp - you’ll come across a number of older tutorials, tips and tricks from both the blog and the youtube channel…

No interactive course though (as far as I know) but these tutorials are quite easy to follow along…

Cheers :slight_smile:

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GitHub also has their own tutorial courses from beginner to advanced:

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Thank you @nkwatra . I will defo check the link you dropped

thanks @parvathy0 . I appreciate this video. And @ArielLeslie will definitely explore the option too.

Thank you everyone for your replies. Wasn’t expecting so quick responses. This forum is really amazing. Kudos to everyone on the platform making it work. God bless you all.

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