Best Sublime Packages (and a little help finding specific ones)

Hey Everyone! Send me a link to your favorite sublime packages. I personally love

  1. Jsprettier (when you save it automatically formats your javascript for you in the “correct” way, can be can be figured to match your definition of correct.)
  2. Rubocop (helps find errors in ruby code)
  3. material theme (to make it look cool)

But I really want to find two

  1. That opens a google search in sublime, I found one called insta google but it does not work for mac
  2. one that I saw in a video, It shows you the variable values in real time or for instance if you type result it will show you what the code will print out without you having to run it from terminal.

There is a QuokkaJS plugin that works in VS Code, JetBrains and Atom.

Technically, Sublime is also not free. While VS Code and Atom are free. Between the 2, VS Code will be faster and there’s a ton of plugins available for it.

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WOW! That is the exact one I saw in the video, I just really don’t want to switch from sublime, I already learned all the hot keys and spent a lot of time configuring it :frowning:
This plugin is so cool though! miiiiiight be enough to turn me. Thank you!

Oh look… Sublime extensions for VS Code

and more Sublime Extensions and themes.

Looks like wallaby is pretty close

Wallaby and Quokka are made by same company, but for different purposes.

See this

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