Beta Curriculum Personal Portfolio Page - Can you spare a review?

Please review my personal portfolio page for the beta curriculum’s Personal Portfolio Webpage project. This was completed for the personal portfolio page deadline of the January 2018 fCC Cohort.

GitLab Code:

Here are some details of my project:

Thank you for your time and feedback! :sunny:

Haiiiiyo @camper!

I really don’t have much to offer in terms of critique, not least because it’s made carefully as usual (down to Favicon) and I feels like something I would make. There is also a few things to learn from as usual. :smile:

The only comments/questions (mostly out of curiosity) I have are:

  • Is there a reason that the background colour of the header and footer are set to a non-white colour on smaller screens (if anything the other way around is probably nicer on smaller screens because it would feel less cramped with white, although I suppose the counter argument could also be made about having it on wider screens may make it look squished and too wide)
  • <main> has 8px top and bottom margin—is that intentional? The only reason I noticed is because clicking on About doesn’t go all the way to the top (OCD)

And… that’s it from me!

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Nicely made. Very Zen. But for me, a bit too much white space. The above the fold content would benefit from a well-chosen image or design, in my opinion.


@arw2015 Thanks for the feedback! I couldn’t decide what to do about a background for that section. I was going to attempt a video background but decided against it in the interest of time. That said, if you have any suggested images you think will fit in nicely there for all viewport sizes, I’m open to it.

@honmanyau Thank you for the feedback as well! I fixed the padding for the main section. I accidentally left that in.

As for the header and footer colors on smaller viewports versus wider viewports, I don’t feel it’s cramped, but I can see your point. I like that enclosed feeling because I feel like it sends the message that everything fits together intentionally and with purpose. That’s why I went with a fixed footer on taller viewport heights. That said, if you have any design-related resources that say I’m way off about this, I’m open to learning more about it. :open_book:

It’s just a personal opinion and not based on any design principles, so please take it with a grain of salt (hence the comment about the counter argument)!

Throwaway thought—I think, in theory, the amount of white space vs. non-white space can probably be optimised to the statistically most pleasing one for different screen sizes, and in that case you may also want to size everything else according to whatever ratio it is that you arrive at—but it’s probably not as simple as that.

Bottom line, I think the design is aesthetically pleasing and a personal portfolio should probably reflect who you are and/or whom you want to associate with. So if you are happy with it, and there is nothing wrong with the code or anything else that’s obviously wrong, then you’re probably good to go! :smile:

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As others have said there is little to criticize here, your projects are always well thought out and meticulously executed!

I agree that the above the fold content needs something more, I think something simple and geometric would fit best maybe something similar to stripes website with softer colors or grayscale.

I also don’t like the the contact me section being 100vh on larger screens it looks great on mobile but on desktop it feels unnecessary.

One last thing is the animation of box shadows seems choppy, a smoother alternative would be to apply the box shadow to a hidden psuedo element on render and then animate the opacity on hover. Here’s a link that goes into some detail on it.


Great layout. One thing I would suggest is that the word “Web Developer” gets a lower salary then any other designation. I would put Front-End Developer, Back-End Developer or Full-Stack Developer otherwise you could be missing out on $5-10k just for your poor choice of verbiage.

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