[Beta] Data Visualization with D3: Work with Dynamic Data in D3—Minor Grammatical Changes

I was about to create a GitHub issue on minor and picky grammatical changes, but not entirely sure if it’s appropriate to do so—should I report those here on the forums or create an Issue? Or will the course be subjected to a formal editorial process before going live?

In case this is the right place to report these things, the minor changes requested to the challenge in question are:

  • “The last couple of challenges cover the tools…”
  • A few other verbs that refer to previous challenges that should be simple present instead of simple past because they are facts

Thank you very much for any help/comments in advance!

Github, sure. If you open a pull request with the fixes, even better.

We use GitHub Issues to track bug reports and change requests.


I was a bit too adventurous earlier with the little amount of Git that I’m capable of and was stupid enough to not read the contributor’s guide first. Will resort to Issues for now!