Potential bug and content suggestions

How do I report a potential bug or two? Do I open a Pull Request from GitHub? I assume that is what you do but do I need to have a special title or links to specific lessons?

Also, I have suggestions for changes in content for the beta Responsive Web Design course. These are subjective (my opinion) and I have about 11 lessons that I feel could use a change in a word or two to a major rewrite of a sentence or two. Do I just paste in my notes on each change? Here is an example:

Step 40 Rewrite sentence
I would suggest changing “There’s no need to set a value to the required attribute” to “There is no value needed for the required attribute” or “The required attribute does not require a value”.

I have some descriptions of the wording that are shorter than that and some that are longer. Is that being picky or is that NOT the kind of edits that the team is interested in?

I would open up an issue first.
freeCodeCamp provides an issue template to follow.
Make sure to include all of the necessary information like lesson links and proposed changes.
Then we can have a discussion from there.

You should only open up PR’s for obvious typos like misspelled words.
Or if there is an issue you want to tackle labeled Good First issue or Help wanted.
Then you can make a PR in that case.

Otherwise, it is best to make an issue.

What I have always done is bring up an issue, if I see other users on the forum struggling with the same challenge.

If users keep coming to the forum making the same mistake because the directions are confusing, then I will bring up an issue on GitHub.

Hope that helps!

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