Beta Free Code Camp

Can I start use the new version of FCC?

Definitely! Only keep in mind that your progress won’t be saved when it is merged in November or whenever it gets done. Just remember to save the completion link you used for all your projects so you can resubmit them again once it merges.

Can you explain a bit more about saving a link?

I have done existing FCC till “Trubute page” it was long time ago

Now i started BETA to remember everything and i liked new path.

SO if now i want to do BETA all the way what happens when beta becomes main FCC?

After it merges does the old links of beta will work?


The new curriculum is now in beta testing. If you’re interested in being a beta tester (or just seeing what is coming) check out this forum thread. Here is a brief explanation of the decision to wait for a single large release.
When will then be now?

@Efhashef - As has been asked and answered repeatedly on this forum, your progress from the beta site will not be copied to FCC when beta is merged.

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As already mentioned your progress will not be saved or copied to the main site. What I meant when I said save your completion links was that you can save the links to your completed projects. For example, you do not build the tribute page on freeCodeCamp. You build it on CodePen, GitHub Pages, or wherever you want. To pass the challenge you submit a link to your completed project. Since your projects are not on the beta freeCodeCamp, they will not be destroyed when the site merges. When the site merges, it will say you have not completed the new projects, but you can simply resubmit the projects again on the main site using the link to your file that you previously used on the beta version. Also for the harder algorithm challenges, you can copy your solution to, and then resubmit the challenge again after the merge. I am not sure I would save a solution for every challenge, as they are still being changed (hence the name beta). The new projects seem to have stayed the same pretty consistently, so you would probably be safe completing one of the newer beta projects such as “Build a Survey Form”, and then resubmitting the project again once that project is officially part of the curriculum as stated above.

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can you please tell how to save completion link