Beta responsive web design step 14

hey guys im clearly a noob,
having trouble with this step

never mind got it

I think i get it now when they say google it…

Hi @pgeorgiou9,

In this exercice, they just wanted you to nest the <img/> within <a></a> tags, with the value for the href gave into the exercice:

Everything put into the anchor tag become link, so it can be an image, text etc.


sweet as yea got it cheers

Glad you figured it out! How are things going on now? are you a full-scale programmer now?
Is there a class for WordPress programmers here on this website? I would really like to deepen my knowledge in this area, but I also do not want to pay a lot of money. I know that o it is possible to learn it all myself, but I just want someone to explain a few complicated things to me and tell me whether I do good or not really. I want to get a position at and need to know much more to become a part of the team. So, do you know of any free WordPress classes available?

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