[Beta] Why not just keep "Milestone" beta progress?

So as far as Beta goes…I love it. it sucks that we will lose our progress when it’s moved over but at the same time I totally understand.

THAT being said, would it not make sense to (when beta is merged) keep track of “certificates/milestones” earned? As in not necessarily each individual test. But say if you completed the first beta cert, just tracking that over when it’s merged?

I don’t think it makes sense until beta is in an almost final stage (since there will be bugs)…but I know a lot of people are sad to lose their progress, but this seems like an easier solution than just trying to “save” everything. Sort of a compromise at least?

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Sorry I more-so meant if you earned XXX cert in beta, maybe make the cert itself transfer over and not necessarily have to worry about all the individual items.

If you have the URLs for your projects on hand, it should only take you a few minutes to resubmit them all and claim the certificates. But for us, it would take a lot of extra work to write scripts that can reliably transfer all of this information over.