Better to just fulfill specifications of projects or elaborate?

Hey, looking for general advice from anyone who has reached at least the first few projects. I have been working on my portfolio project for the fifth day now, trying to essentially replicate the code and style of a nice portfolio I viewed when looking for inspiration.

The way I’m learning these specific ways of organizing and styling a page to fit one specific source seems like it could be potentially problematic going forward if I absorb bad habits and practices by trying too hard to match this page without any direction and not looking at the source code.

Should I just fulfill the user stories and guidelines for the project and move on, or is it a good use of my time to learn random tricks and styling strategies that may not fit in well with a more organized understanding of these languages?

What do you personally think? Seriously, by all means, it is a good idea to learn different approaches. But don’t be so rigid with your learning process. Fulfill the user story first no matter how shitty your code may be and then depending what you feel like doing, elaborate your code, try different approaches or just move on and come back later (that’s what I did because I just like programming more than styling things). You have soo many things to learn, just do what you like most first (which by the way motivates a lot more than if you do sth. because you’re supposed to do it). If you stick to it you’ll eventually learn everything else as well. That being said, it also depends on your goals. Do you want to get a developer job as early as possible or are you coding just for fun and want to build awesome things? If you belong to the latter breed, my advice holds, if you are one that seeks a job, a more structured approach might be better suited.

1.) Don’t be so rigid
2.) Have fun!!!
3.) Rest comes rather naturally as you move along


Appreciate your perspective and I’m somewhere in between wanting a developer job and doing it for fun and personal projects.

I’ll make sure to keep your first bit of advice in mind going forward.