Big updates to the UI and General availability for i18n

Hey contributors,

If you have been following the activity on GitHub, then you already know that we have been working on big updates to the UI.

While @QuincyLarson will be making a more comprehensive announcement about this soon, I just wanted to bring any of you working on the codebase up to speed:

  1. We will be releasing the new UI out to production soon. This means there will be an initial uptick in user reports and bugs that we may have missed. Please help us triage and fix those. Any issue that is tagged help wanted is always up for grabs.

  2. Your local setups should continue to work as is, but because we merged hundreds of new commits and have changed packages in most applications, please make sure you follow the instructions in our contributing guide.

    If you need a clean install here are some quick steps:

    npm ci
    npm run clean-and-develop
  3. We introduced some new env variables and removed some others, please make sure your .env file is up to date with the new keys as seen here.

If you have any issues please let us know in this thread, and we will try to sort it out as soon as we can.

Thanks a lot for everything you do.

/cc @moderators


Hey everyone,

Hope you all are doing good.

Here’s a quick update to let you know we have rolled out the new update across Chinese, Espanol and English languages along with major updates to the user interface.

Just a heads up for some uptick in support and activity on forum and chat.

Thanks a lot once again for everything you all do.

Cheers & happy contributing.


We will formally announce these changes in a few days once we’ve had time to get more feedback.

If you all see anything that’s confusing or could be better implemented, or any bugs, please create GitHub issues and we will get on them right away.

Thanks everyone, and enjoy the new build. :pray:


It’s looking good. Excellent work everyone!


Guys, I would be really happy to help with the Italian language.
Apologize if it is not the right channel

at this the curriculum is being translated to the most common world languages, and the process is being perfectioned. Maybe later it will be open to different languages too.

You can check if the docs are up to date, those are being translated in any language

Well, now it’s here