Boiler Plate Tutorial

I just started the relational database course, and I was working through the tutorial using codeally. Now when I go back to it, I’m not able to continue on with the tutorial. Is there anyway that can be reset so I can start over and how can I save my progress there and pick it back up if I need to.

Hi @jeffb! I’ve just started the relational database certification course too. After a certain point in the course, when I type in the required input, the system responds with Tests Should Pass. I press the RESET button when this happens. My progress is not lost! That seems to be the only thing that works to keep going forward. Does anyone know why this is happening?

did you guys get any help, i seem to be having the same problem too, waas halfway through buildng the boilerplate when all my files just dissapppeared and i dont know how to proceed.

found this site on git whit has all the commands if you need a restart,

@Nerdibongz give it another try. After struggling like you did with my files and directories disappearing on me as I followed the instructions and no acknowledgment that I had completed the task, the next day I logged in, a message showed up indicating that someone had seen the issue and fixed it. After that, the course worked fine. I did at some point discover another reset option other than the one next to the run button on CodeRoad. There’s a soft reset button in the outermost hamburger menu on top left. Curious to know if you have the same experience as I did.

mine is still not fixed, may have made it worse whilst trying to fix it myself but am sure somebody will come to my rescue… Anyway where are you taking the course from. Im in Cape Town South Africa.

+1, can’t make progress. Press reset, soft reset even did a hard reset. Just sits on the same level I’m stuck at.

Mine is still not fixed either. After a good run the day I wrote you, I have not been able to continue. I complete the instruction and the Code Road does not detect it. If it does, it does not acknowledge that I completed the ‘cd images’ command. Not sure what to do. Writing from Vestland, Norway.

I’m still having trouble with this course. I’ve tried the reset steps, I’ve even gone into to codeally and deleted the containter and that didn’t help. I’ve tried other browsers as well to see if that made any difference and it does not. The last couple of times I tried to work through the course, different folders would be missing. One attempt it’s the project folder, another attempt it’s the freeCodeCamp folder. Bout ready to be done with trying to learn anything from here.

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