Deleted Relational Database Projects

There were some recent reports of people losing their progress on the Relational Database projects.

There was a mistake that accidentally marked project containers as old and deleted them. Unfortunately, deleted projects won’t be able to be recovered. If you were working on any of these projects, your containers may have got deleted. My apologies for any lost projects and progress.

It’s fixed now so containers should be getting saved again. I will let you know if I find out any more information.

If anyone is still having issues related to this, be sure to let us know.

Thanks and happy coding :tada:

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I am having trouble with this, on the Learn Bash by Building a Boilerplate. I am about 70% complete, but pausing for a break it seems it reset. It’s having me start where I left off, but am unable to get the question correctly because I restarted the terminal and even when I rebuilt the table in order to answer the question, it’s rejecting it. The answer I’m providing matches the hint answer, so it seems like the progress was deleted. Thank you for your help.

I have completed this project successfully. I had also clicked on the continue button on the CodeRoad page. But when I paste the link to my universe.sql file on the Solution Link box, I get the error message saying that ‘You must complete the project first.’

I have checked multiple times on CodeRoad after getting this error, my project is showing completed there.

Please help me to submit the solution link successfully.