Lost all my containers on code ally

Hi, I just noticed all my containers on Code Ally were gone, any idea why that is? I’m following the Relational Databases curriculum, probably haven’t used it since 13th May. Thanks

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Yes, me too. All gone today.

Hey, sorry for the troubles everyone. Mine are gone too. Typically, they send out an email warning and delete containers after a month I believe, but these are much quicker than that. I will reach out to them and see if the have any info.

I heard back from the CodeAlly team. There was a mistake in the code that accidentally marked projects as old and deleted them. Unfortunately, they won’t be able to recover any of the deleted project. My apologies for any lost projects and progress. They said it’s fixed now, so containers should be getting saved again. I will let you know if I find out any more information.

Thanks for reporting the issues - let us know if you are still having any problems.

Happy Coding :tada:

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Good to know, thanks for keeping us informed! All the best

It appears that multiple users (if not all) have lost ALL of their Relational Databases project containers.

This doesn’t affect me directly as I have already completed the certification but other users may have lost considerable amounts of work.

Could someone look into this please?


Signed up for the forum to ask what’s going on. The first post is talking exactly about my issue although I couldn’t imagine it would be everyone nor that it has affected every single project in the certification. I was only midway through the first one. Not to sound inappropriately, I have discovered freeCodeCamp only about a week ago and I am absolutely blown away by a sheer amount of work and cooperation required to run such a non-profit organization but I would be so upset if I was to lose all the progress being midway through the last project…

About 21 hours ago I was in the middle of filling my tables for the first project when suddenly my command didn’t go in. I would try to cancel it but the terminal simply wouldn’t respond, both bash and psql one. Inputting anything simply resulted in cursor moving onto the new line. I closed all tabs and tried loading virtual machine again. I would have some kind of .sh file running and it would keep going for 5-10-15 minutes. Overall, I have waited for about an hour and then decided to postpone completing the project for today. I open the project and it is suspicious that it is opened up like I am here for the first time. Suddenly, there is no universe.sql, nothing. I figure describing the process could be beneficial for troubleshooting.

You can check if your progress is saved by going to codeally.io and logging in with GitHub. Then click on the Cloud IDE tab to see any project containers which are currently saved for you.

There should be a project container for each of the projects which you have started/completed.

If they have disappeared, I’m hoping this is just a temporary issue and that progress will be restored soon!

Yes. I see it saved there! What a relief!

Shall I expect it to get reconnected to the freeCodeCamp’s virtual machine?

That means that a project container exists for that project and will be loaded when you boot up the course on FCC. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your previous progress has been saved.

That project container may have been created after you booted up the course and found your that your progress had been reset. You can click on ‘Run Code’ on the CodeAlly project container to see what state that project is in though.

Oh my God, dear sir!!!

It’s actually completely empty… ALL PROGRESS lost =/////

I’m sorry to hear this but I’m trying to get information on this issue and hopefully a resolution!

This morning i found that Codeally deleted all the current and previous courses done from its website.
is there any workaround to get it back, I have this course ( Learn SQL by Building a Student Database: Part 2 ) completed but not updated on FreeCodeCamp website.

Hi there!

Please help. I reached like 75% of the “Learn Advanced Bash by Building a Kitty Ipsum Translator” course in relational database, and when I opened it now, it opened the first task as if my whole progress was deleted. Is there something happening?

I even checked the “Cloud IDE” tab in CodeAlly, nothing is there, even other projects
that I have completed (they used to be in Cloud IDE).


yes same with me too. I lost one whole course which i finished but not updated on FCC website.
its so frustrating to use Codeally with many issues like not updating progress


I just recently started the Relational Database Course and I would like to know if this is still an occurring issue. Have CodeAlly fixed this problem? Because I am currently working through the “Learn Bash Scripting by Building Five Programs” part and whenever I press Enter, to move on to the next step of the tutorial, it deletes the file.

A couple days ago, I had the same problem and I followed one of the suggestions mentioned here, by going to the CodeAlly website and the project container was still there with all my files, so I was able to continue. Today, while I was working through the tutorial the same thing happened, the project container is still there but this time it is empty. I’ve already progressed through 70% of the tutorial. Is there any way I can fix this?

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I’m experiencing the same issue; I started the course “student database part 2” this morning and when I picked up this afternoon I find myself having to reset each step to be able to run the verification on it. Once it reaches the next step, it deletes the files and I have to reset again etc.

My issue is related to this I believe, I was set to start the project yesterday, but when I click on “Start course” and login with github I get an error that says “probably a cache issue, try refreshing” and I’m sent back to the starting page, ad infinitum, so I can’t even start the course. I’ll skip it for now but I was looking forward to it

The error came back! Now in the “Learn SQL by building a student database part 2” challenge. Pls solve!

I can confirm this, completed the Part 1 but I cannot go through this course !