Boolean Operators

I understand what Boolean attributes are, but I am not able to understand, why would we need them. The example shown in freecodecamp is enough for me to understand, but what kind of situations would be there where we would need to use them.

booleans are the basest of values - there is only 2, true or false, like in bits, in binary, where you have only 1 and 0, yes and no

also, all comparisons evaluate to a boolean

5 > 2 // true
0.2 + 0.1 === 0.3 // false
6 >= 6 // true
[9,6,7].includes(5) // false
"Happy" === "Sad" // false

all values also can be classified as falsy or truthy, as in when the context expect a boolean but it doesn’t get one, it treates everything as a boolean anyway

falsy values are

  • the number 0
  • the BigInt 0n
  • the keyword null
  • the keyword undefined
  • the boolean false
  • the number NaN
  • the empty string "" (equivalent to '' or ``

everything else is truthy

where to use them?

if (false) {
   // this doesn't execute
} else if (true) {
   // this execute

Also I found an article on FCC news that explains booleans with the help of a court analogy.

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