Bootstrap navigation bar issues

I’m making a collapsible navigation bar for my portfolio website. This fiddle is how I want it to look (all links on the left side, hamburger on the right on smaller screens). But when I have the same code in Codepen, the nav bar is centered and on bigger screens the links are vertical instead of horizontal. Please let me know if anyone has ideas on how to make the Codepen nav bar look like the fiddle one! Thanks in advance.

Update: The issue is fixed by adding the previous version of bootstrap to Codepen instead of the newest. Thanks!

Check the difference between the Bootstrap version you added in the fiddle and the one in the pen.


The problem is that Codeped installed bootstrap 4.0 css (I had the same issue). They are changing all sorts of stuff in 4.0. Go to the Settings/CSS and Add External CSS:

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