BS Degree and Web Development

I am going to be starting a Computer Science degree soon and there is a lot of learning about things not related to web development as far as I know. Am I wrong? I want to be full-stack. Is what you learn in college useful for being a full-stack web developer? If so in what way?



Do you need a CS degree? No. Will it help? Sure. It also may make other jobs available to you that require it. But there are a lot of web dev jobs that won’t care.

No, most CS degrees probably won’t focus specifically on web dev. But you will learn a lot of concepts and skills. Most of the languages you might learn (Java, Python, etc) are good backend languages so can be a good part of the back half of a fullstack. If you learn JavaScript, that works on frontend but can also work on backend. But you will likely learn a lot of things that may not seem to apply to web dev. I still think that a lot of it is good stuff, but if your attitude is “I don’t want to learn it if I can’t see how it will help me with what I want to do right now”, then you will probably be occasionally frustrated.

So, imho, a CS degree will not make you a web dev, unless it is a program focussed on that. But it will expose you to a lot of things that will help tremendously, it will look good to a lot of employers, and it will open up other career paths that you may not have considered yet.

Should you do it? That’s up to you. If I could go back in time, I probably would, but I really dig deep theoretical understandings of things. And I’ve done OK without one.