Don't have 12th (Intermediate) Degree or not Graduation Degree in Computer Science or related field, so will I get Job?

I didn’t completed 12th (Intermediate) nor have Graduation Degree in CS or equivalent. but my Interest is in Software Engineering / Developing, so I started learning Software Engineering / Developing Course ONLINE from Coursera & W3Schools, and currently I’ve knowledge on HTML & CSS, and learning more Languages, so on this based will I get Job in IT Companies as Full Stack Developer OR Front-End Developer OR Back-End Developer ?

Please help me in this.

Maybe yes, maybe no – it really depends on the hiring company.

so how to know that ?

Job adverts normally specify job requirements, e.g. A degree in {insert degree} or equivalent industry experience

yes you can. companies even adverts that a computer science or related field is required but really it adverts it only and just looking for your skills and portfolio. I think startups are good for beginners. but finally it depends where you live, your country. you even can have remote job but it is not easy for beginners to have such jobs. you can have freelance jobs at first till you gain experience and build great portfolio. and finally you know what is common in your country. anyway just apply and you will see. you will not lose anything when you apply. best of luck

it is Possible to get Connected with each other on LinkedIn ??

Waiting for your Valuable reply,