BS for Full Stack Web Developers

So next year I am going into college but I am not sure what degree I should get? I know that I want to be a Full Stack Web Developer, but what degree would be best for that?

Thank You!

Something like computer science? Not every school offers that exact degree, they may call it something slightly different. And there may be different versions of it, one for people who actually want to be programmers and one for people who just want to work in the IT field but not necessarily write code. I’m assuming the school you are going to offers guidance counseling. I would reach out to them if you aren’t sure which degree they offer would work best for you.

Probably Computer Science, or similar. The main goal is to get as many underlying theory classes. Computer Science is the study of computation itself, making it generic and re-usable in a number of practical domains, not just web development.

There are usually other “non-math focused” classes that might help, like Information Systems, or IT based majors, but these usually don’t look as good on a resume as a CS degree due to less practical hands on, and underlying theory courses.

Finally, there are adjacent ones that are more focused on different aspects, such as Data Science, or Statistics/math majors. These look as good as CS degrees, but focus more on specific theory areas, compared to CS. If you really like math, these could pay more if you get good at data science, but you wont be focused 100% on full stack, you’d be more there to help gain understanding through a full stack environment, rather than the actual implementation of it.

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