Is it possible to be a developer with an Information Technology degree

I’ve re-enrolled myself back into college to finish my BS in Information Technology. My University also has Computer Science as a major, and it leans more towards Development and Data Science it looks like.

I was looking to get an Information Technology degree because at the time I wanted to be an Infrastructure Architect, but as I’m learning code a bit more, I’m starting to want to be a developer. Is a Computer Science degree more favorable for being a developer?


I’m gonna say yes. But I don’t know the differences between the IT and the CS degree at your school…So in general, yes, but perhaps share more information about these two degrees.

A Computer Science degree is going to better train you to be a developer and will probably add a little more weight to your resume because of that. IT degrees tend to be more focused on systems - networking, account administration, security etc. If you know that you want to develop software, it might be worth looking into the options for either changing your major or adding a minor in CS. I know that might not be accessible based on your school and your degree progression, but this would be a really good thing to have a conversation with your advisor about.

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I’m a developer with a music degree, so yeah. But a CS degree would be a better choice.

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