BTS tribute page

Hi guys, after more than 3 years on and off doing the courses on FCC I decided to do the tribute page, I’d love to get some feedback :slight_smile:

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Good job (and it’s very interesting that every country has it’s own boy-groups)!

2 little comments:

  • the big picture of the boygroup is in png-format. If you use jpg instead you can make it smaller in download-size and it will render faster in browser (jpg is better for fotos than png)
  • that discography in smartphone-view are to wide, the fotos are cut off

Thank you!

I did notice on my phone that the discography pictures get cut off, any idea how I can avoid that?

You can use media queries, e.g. see that example:

You can actually add an inline style to the images to make them center. This is a sample I tried on your codepen <img class=“image-center” src=“” id=“wild” style="margin-left: 0px;>

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Thanks! I’ll look into it.

Nice job! Maybe choose a better fontfamily for the first paragraph but that’s only me ! :smiley:

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Thank you! Yeah I know the paragraph font looks a little ugly compared to the other ones haha I’ll change it

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Use Cloudinary
Add your images from there and they automatically use the best type and resolution per device. You do still have to use a media querie though to get the right size.


Nice tribute page.

잘했어요 :slight_smile:


감사합니다!!! :grinning: