Buenos Aires Meetup

Hi campers!

If you are in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I’d like to talk about our new local Meetup, Free Code Camp BA =)

FCC BA is growing steadily, with awesome people, coding, having fun and learning a lot!

The philosophy we try to apply is the hacker culture: we learn by doing, making mistakes all the time, experimenting, playing, sharing our our knowledge with the others, testing ourselvses while teaching about programming and other related topics. You’ll also make new friends in this journey.

We are a community waiting for you to join us!

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Hi, I messaged the BA Meetup- is there any other way to get in contact with the organizers? I went to one meeting a while ago in microcentro. I’m currently developing a project for a social impact hackathon that will be using FreeCodeCamp and payments to incentivize youth in the villas to learn coding.

Thanks so much, if you’d like to hear more about the project let me know :smiley: