Bug on Learn Git by Building an SQL Reference Object Course

Since 26.06.2022 morning I am trying to continue my progress in Relational Database (Beta) Course => Learn Git by Building an SQL Reference Object => Build an SQL Reference Object course. It says " The first thing you need to do is start the terminal. Open a new one by clicking the “hamburger” menu at the top left of the window, going to the “terminal” section, and clicking “new terminal”. Once you open a new one, type echo hello git into the terminal and press enter." I did exactly what it says 50 times, in the ‘Get a Hint’ section it suggests:

  1. Follow the directions closely

  2. If the tests don’t pass, trash all the terminals with the trash can icon at the top right of the terminal. Then, redo those instructions

I tried those hints 50 times as well, tried with a different browser, refreshed the page, restarted my computer but it doesn’t let me pass to the next step.

Is there anything can be done about these courses? Thank you

Is there an screenshot or more information you can provide like the web browser you are using?

The GIT course breaks all the time. This is annoying.

I’m sorry about that! the course is still in beta, you can try following this post

You can see that the latest commit is at the bottom here. Be careful not to change the wrong commits. One of the options is r, reword = use commit, but edit the commit message. Replace pick with an r next to the commit with the message feat: add column reference to reword the message, it’s the very first commit you added to this branch. When you are done, save the file and exit Nano. Git will put you in another Nano instance to reword the commit message. Don’t change anything in it yet.


  • Replace pick with an r next to the suggested commit
  • Save and exit the file by pressing ctrl+x then y then enter
  • To reset this lesson, make sure nano is closed. Then, hit reset and enter git rebase --interactive --root after it’s done resetting

i am facing issue in this step please help me.

Thanks in Advance!

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