Relational Database (Beta) > Learn Git by Building an SQL Reference Object

I cannot pass the tests for the “git rebase” lesson. I’ve tried several times to follow the steps after resetting the lesson but it does not seem to work. Am I doing something wrong?

Screenshot 1: “pick” is replaced by “r” next to the “feat: add column reference” commit.

Screenshot 2: The commit message is modified, replacing “feat: add column reference” with “feat: add column references”.

Screenshot 3: The files are saved and nano is closed and I get the message “You should have the correct fifth to last commit message”.

I am currently using Microsoft Edge, but I’ve tried using Google Chrome and it does not work either. I tried launching the tutorial from CodeAlly but I still get the same message.

Thank you in advance!

I also posted about another issue I encountered in a different tutorial of the Relational Database (Beta) certification: Build-a-Salon-Appointment-Scheduler - JavaScript - The freeCodeCamp Forum

did you follow the steps in this post?

Hi @ilenia, yes, I have tried following all the steps but the one in which you erase the container. Should I go ahead and do that?

sometimes the container get corrupted…

but maybe @moT01 can help

HI franciscxjavier this is the solution: you need add the s letter in the first line show the last menu, like in this image

Hope this help you.


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Thx bro! I was working on the wrong thing.

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