Build a opinion site

Hi everyone,

I plan to create a site of opinion.

I have knowledge only in HTML and CSS.

I would like to build this site seriously, in the rules of the art.

But before I start learning, I would like to know what to learn.

Which languages should be favored for this type of project?
Are there examples, tutorials dealing with a site comparable to the one I plan to build?

Knowing that who says site of opinion, says a lot of data to deal with (notes etc.), that’s what I’m most unfamiliar with.

Thanks for your advices

For this type of site you need to learn frontend and backend. Frontend you can learn here “Front End Libraries Certification (300 hours)” and backend here “Apis And Microservices Certification (300 hours)”.

Saying that, there’s a lot of alternatives. For frontend you’ll basically need HTML, CSS and JS, but you can use react, angular or vue to make it easier to create full-fledge applications. For backend you can also use JS with node, but you can use PHP, PYTHON, JAVA, or anything actually…

You can also forget backend and use google firebase instead.

If you are a beginner, I recommend you go through the FCC curriculum. By the end of it you’ll know how to build your site. If you already know at least something about algorithms or one “real” programming language (HTML and CSS does not count), you can do some crash courses in the languages you want and build your site using google.

Thanks for your answer.

Another question: how is it better to learn to code rather than using a CMS like Drupal?

I know a lot about Drupal, but I do not know if it’s a viable solution to develop a site with a CMS.

It really depends what your goals are. If your website is based on content (like blogs for example), then CMS are great, you can focus on the content instead of worrying about developing a website. For anything else, you need to learn to code. For example, if you need a webapp, let’s suppose a note taking app (like evernote), you can’t do that efficiently with a CMS.

In any case, you don’t really need to learn to code, that’s something you do if you like to do it. It’s a job. You can always pay someone to do what you need.

What do you mean by an opinion site? If you are just stating your opinion, its html, css and whatever else you want.

Thanks ghukahr.

To answer your questions and to make simple, in short, the site would look like Tripadvisor.

To build a site such as Tripadvisor, is a CMS adapted?

Is it the multiple pages? The databases? What aspect confuses you?

You may find CMS plugins that can do it, and if you find it, it will probably cost some money.

To do manually, a site like tripadvisor will require a huge amount of work, you need to understand frontend, backend and databases. Not taking in account the work to design the whole thing. If you are starting now, it will take you some months (or years) before you can do it.

Of course, if you learn to do it, then you won’t know only how to do a clone of tripadvisor.

Thanks, it’s more clear.

For the moment I will turn to a CMS, while learning a little in parallel.