Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage Completed

Hi freeCodeCampers!

I just finished my Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage Project and would love some feedback. Just as a side note my “About” page is not your standard style because I wanted to share my story with you all on how I came to freeCodeCamp and what I am doing in hopes to share my journey with others. When I do start applying for jobs this section will definitely change. Thank you for taking the time to review my Personal Portfolio Webpage! :slight_smile:

MDolanCode - Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage


It’s good work so far. The idea here is it develops over time as I’m sure you have realised.
You could add links to projects and the online courses you have taken in future.
Well done :+1:

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Thanks, JohnnyBizzel I appreciate your feedback and support! I will implement your suggestions to improve my site too. Cheers! :slight_smile:

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Hi Matt. Loved your portfolio page and the About section is great. I only started coding on a couple of days ago so it’s really good to hear what other things you’ve found useful. Cheers, sue.

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Nicely done! Very smooth and clear layout. Well spaced, good image placement, and easy to navigate. Might wanna remove the “future” part of your main description though. You’re definitely already a great developer!


Thank you L0TU5! I will remove the “future”. You feedback is much appreciate. Have you been developing for a long time? :slight_smile:

Hi Sue, Thank you for your feedback! I really wanted to share my experience with others and happy you found it useful. Happy coding to you! Cheers, Matt

Wow, very cool Page! You good to go! All in all great Work!!! I love it.

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Thank you MarCodeMetz! I really appreciate the feedback. :slight_smile:


I like your page, it has a good look&feel.

One thing i like a bit less, is that the about section is a big wall of text, and it’s a bit “scary” to stat reading.
Every paragraphs looks the same, nothing bold, nothing accentuated.
I think that’s hard on the eyes.

Good job!

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Thanks Manuuzzz! I appreciate you taking the time to look at my portfolio site and provide your feedback. My “About” section was written so I could share my story and was not meant to be an actually “About” section. Mainly to tell people about my journey and to hopefully inspire them on theirs. I definitely wouldn’t have it look this way otherwise, and plan on changing it when I host it to my own domain. I will then make this a blog post in my blog. Thanks again for taking the time and I will keep your suggestions in mind! :slight_smile:



He Matt, hope you’re having a great day! I’m glad you took my advice to heart :slight_smile: I’ve been doing css and html myself for a long while just for fun, but JS and such is pretty new. How about yourself?

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Hey L0TU5,

I started to code in the beginning of February, so not too long. I am now learning JS and hope to be in a Front-End Developer job by September. I am making a career change. Are you also looking to do this as a career?

Well done Matt!
I like your Portfolio and please go on like this :>

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Hi Anna,

Thank you so much! I appreciate the feedback. :slight_smile:


Your portfolio page looks good. It reflects your creativity. I think there is a room for improvements given the fact that you are capable of doing such a great job. Try to make About section a bit concise or better add a button saying Read More etc. Just a suggestion.

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Hi Andy,

Thank you for your feedback! I am pretty new to Web Development and this is my first portfolio. I realize my about section is a bit long, but it a story. I wouldn’t have it this way on my real portfolio, but I do like your idea on the “Read More” and will learn how to do that. I appreciate really your suggestions and positive feedback. Thanks again! :slight_smile:


Hi Danielle,

I took out the “Future” part. :smiley:

Thanks again!

Hi Emmanuel,

I gave it some thought and I will look at how I can improve it.

Thanks again! :smiley:

Hi Matt,

I think your portfolio looks great! Did you do it from the ground up or did you find a bootstrap template to kind of kick start it? I am just starting on mine and I feel overwhelmed of where to start. But you did an awesome job!! :slight_smile:

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