Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage test 7

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So my code is failing on test 7, the links in the navbar going to the sections below. I’ve actually copied the relevant part of the code from the example, cheating a bit, yet still the code doesn’t pass the test. I’m beginning to think the test isn’t picking up the code correctly. So far I’m just doing html, no css as yet

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OK so I can’t actually post the code here. Your forum doesn’t allow me to post links, and it’s picking up the hrefs as links. Thanks a million.
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It’s the build a personal portfolio page one on FCC. Your forum bans me from posting the link to it since I’m not here long enough yet.

Solved: the test doesn’t pass unless you shovel in a tonne of lorem ipsum so that the page scrolls when the link is clicked. The crucial pass/fail thing is that the page should scroll, not that there’s a link pointing to the right section. The no-links thing is a real blocker though - if I couldn’t solve it myself I could neither link nor paste the code in here.