Build a Random Quote Machine- Help

Is there any way that we can create large JSON file automatically like in this project we would be needing for different Quotes and Authors.

Or Do we need to create manually for all differents Quotes?

There are free api’s that you can use. I used for mine. I feel it is more in the spirit of the assignment to use an api like this.

That being said, I have seen a lot of people just create their own json or object or array with a number of quotes.

Thanks man,but can you please also explain how to use it?

Do they still have you do the ajax lessons before this project?

Sorry but I haven’t done any ajax lessons before that. I haven’t find any in FCC actually.

huh. Waddya know.It seems they must have pulled those lessons (I did it back in 2016) I guess they intend for you to just create an array of quote objects. but if you want to give it a go, here is the article about using fetch

Also, that link I pasted above to forismatic’s random quote api has some instructions. You would be interested in the json instructions.

I lied! I found it!

and this should help too:

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Nice. I wanna like that one TWICE.