Build a survey form feedback

Please provide a feedback for survey form. I tried aligning the radio, check boxes but this is all i could do. Any suggestions for improvement are welcome.

Something that I like to do when I first start writing the css is to set the margin and padding of the body and html elements to 0, and also set a sort-of baseline for font size for the whole page. I feel that it gives me a good, clean slate and sometimes prevents problems I have later on due to margin and padding that shouldn’t exist. You’ve got plenty of space to work with, so you might as well make the text a little bigger, at least so it’s easier to read.
I may mess around with it sometime and give you some more ideas if I can. Hope this helps.

thank you so much for your thoughts. I have changed so far i understood. Please have a look.

It’s definitely looking better. Maybe next you could try adding some margins and padding to the form elements and paragraphs to space them out some more vertically. Give the main heading some top and bottom margins as well. Then, try to work on centering the form elements horizontally if you can. I’d recommend using flexbox.

thanks for your patience and helping me. I included the changes. Hope it looks better now.

A good piece… Though you’ll need to work much on your CSS in your projects. Congratulations dear