Project Feedback for Survey Fourm

What can I improve on and what do you like ? I know its pretty basic but just trying to get my head around html and a little css :slight_smile:

I like the general layout and color scheme of the page, in addition to the fact that it is about anime.
As for suggestions,

  1. I would suggest aligning all the checkboxes and radio buttons vertically, it seems too haphazard in it’s current form.
  2. Add a label to the textarea element, the current form jumps from checkbox to textarea without any description.
  3. The page is not properly responsive, especially the input boxes , checkboxes and textarea which extend outside the form box below a certain screen width.
    -The input boxes move outside the form element below screen width of around 540px
    -The checkbox label moves outside the formbox at around 470px and at even smaller widths the whole checkbox section moves out of the formbox.
    -The textarea extends outside the formbox at screen width around 510px.

Hope this helps you.

So what is typically the best way to deal with that? Would I need to use like display: block or something like that in the css?