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I can’t seem to get my code to work for User Story 6,8 and 9, I don’t get a HTML5 Validation error. I also can’t seem to get my margins/spacing right, for my buttons and grouping different paragraphs/sections. Here is a link to my Codepen,

Any advice or tips are very much appreciated!

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Hey @DevinCassidy,

  1. Check the type of input you put on the email field, if you use the right one it will solve the User story 6 :slight_smile:

  2. Same as previous point, try to search for differents input types that exists

  3. You can pass parameters on inputs check this reference here: Input number reference

Happy coding


Howdy! Let’s take a look at these user stories and why they’re not passing:


Email: <input type = "text" id="email" type="submit" required placeholder="required"> 

It’s not making sure the text is in a valid email format because you have the input type set to text try changing it to email.


Number: <input type = "text" id="number" type="submit" required placeholder="required">

Same situation here. The input type is wrong and it’s not validating it correctly. Change text to number.


Number: <input type = "text" id="number" type="submit" required placeholder="required">

you never set a min for that input type.

You can set min and max by using the formats min="#" max="#"

In the future I’d recommend reading the errors that show up when you try and run the tests. I was able to solve all these problems by reading the 1st line of the error.



Thank you so much for the tips! Would you have any advice on spacing and margins? Also if you look at my code and the page I’m building I can’t seem to get my text to register for the radio buttons, any tips?