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Newbie just starting out on my first few FCC projects. The problem I’m having is that the textbox isn’t changing size when page is small as well as this spacing I can’t seem to line up

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Why not set a width on the input elements themselves? You can access them within the CSS quite easily, either by their id, or by a CSS selector.

For example, you could set a rule for

#name, #email, #dropdown {
  /* and in here set a width on the elements. Use a relative value
   *   if you want them to respond to different widths! For testing,
   *   I used vmin, simply because I grok viewport values.

As noted in the comment, I’d used vmin when I was testing - read more about that at

The argument could be made for either vmin (smaller value of either viewport width or viewport height) or (more logical in this case) vw (viewport width units). I used the vmin to replace a LOT of your margins/padding, and vw to set the actual widths. If you’d like to see the final css for that, drop me a line. after you figure out the answer to your question. lol

Thank you! I totally forgot about that in the lesson. I will need to review my notes before I start the next one