Build your personal portfolio page - I don't have any projects to link

I’m pretty sure this is a noob question, well because I am a noob. I finally made it to the last project in the HTML CSS course, but, I’m stuck because I don’t know what to link to, when it says link to my portfolio and projects. I don’t have a portfolio or projects, I’ve never coded anything that I can save publicly. I’ve only done a little bit of coding for an employer. So here are my questions please:

  • Is this just a fake portfolio to complete the course, or will it be viewable by others?
  • What can I link to if I don’t have any projects or portfolios to link to?
  • Am I able to link to my previously completed projects in freeCodeCamp, like the Product landing page, technical documentation page and Survey Form?
  • Am I allowed to recreate or pull the freeCodeCamp projects (both mine and the ones in the lessons) to gitHub?

Sorry for the dumb questions, and thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer.

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You could possibly do all these things mentioned, as I remember doing this I copied the entire source code and begin removing and replacing with what ever I had, One of which was a notepad project I made just by adding the extension to save and I already made a Unity video game with the help of a template. To get the certificate you need to make most everything public but you wont get to all that until its time to claim and agree to all of the requirements. Good luck

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Welcome to the community @susan.beckius !

I had the same difficulty for my Personal Profile.

I made links to each project and my Personal Profile.

And, I used a couple of images from one of the free photo hosting sites.

I made my menu to have the nav-links connect with each of the projects on the page, and to connect to my Personal Profile page.

I still have much updating to do, which I do with all of my projects as I learn more, but it passes for now.

Hope this helps you some, @susan.beckius.


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