Building a mobile application

While I have not yet found a fitting programming job, I decided to start freelancing in the meantime. One early project was a mobile application.

It was a great learning experience. A big advantage of learning React is the small step that it takes to adopt React Native. Below is an article I wrote describing the initial sales.

If you’re interested to look around the application it can be found at

One thing that I did not expect was how much extra work would have to go into launching the app on the store, from the store images to the forms to fill out with Google and Apple. I think it was worthwhile to take the time to have it looking clean and professional.

Another takeaway to share is that the app is not selling itself. Despite it having great feedback and a pretty good sized user base, new views in the stores is pretty uncommon. So anyone thinking of going into independent mobile app development should be prepared to be finding ways to get the app itself out there, being in the stores is not sufficient.

Feel free to ask questions, and I’ll be happy to share the experience generated from this endeavor.

That is great determination, I also want to learn to program and start freelancing but I only have an Ipad Mini and no Laptop or Computer, so it’s getting difficult for me to learn from this. Do you know any place from where I can get a used laptop under $200?

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