Building a Piano Step 32 (and 27): if min-/max-width are inclusive then Step 32 needs rephrasing

Step 32 of Building a Piano says:
Add another @media rule to apply if the browser window is wider than 769px but smaller than 1199px.

The code it accepts as correct includes min-width: 769px and max-width: 1199px. This doesn’t seem to match exactly what the question asks for.

It seems like it should ask for a media rule that applies when the window is 769px and wider, but not when it is wider than 1199px.

Step 27 gives an example with max-width: 960px and describes it as applying when the viewport is 960px wide and below. The code it asks for is a media query that applies when the viewport is 768px wide and below, and max-width: 768px is accepted as correct.

Based on step 27 (and on how min/max width seems to actually work), the min-width: 769px in the accepted answer applies not “if the browser window is wider than 769px”, but when it is 769px wide and wider (and the equivalent for max-width).

It’s possible I’m misunderstanding part of this, but at the very least it seems like step 32 and step 27 contradict each other.

(If the rules added in step 27 and step 32 actually work as they are described in those steps, then the final version of the css has rules for when the window is 768px wide and below, and for when the window is wider than 769px, with no media rule for when the window is 769px exactly.)

hello and welcome to fcc forum :slight_smile:
you can suggest your push in fcc github repository, look into this topic How to contribute to freeCodeCamp by Opening a Pull Request

also consider those steps “url” as well, its easy to relate then :slight_smile:

happy learning and contributing :slight_smile:

I don’t know what I would suggest, since I don’t know precisely how these media queries work.

(Additionally, the page you link to is very much not beginner-friendly, so even if I knew what the correct wording or CSS is I would not feel confident attempting to contribute it.)

  • what worst could happen, they will say no its not right and they will tell why is that, which would be a big learning moment
  • read it a couple of times maybe and you will find those steps making sense soon enough :slight_smile:
  • do you mean under de hood or how to use them on sites?

What are you suggesting I read through? The course that I have stated appears to contradict itself? Am I wrong, and you’re saying they’re internally consistent and accurately describe how min- and max-width work?

I’d probably say

Add another @media rule to apply if the browser window is no wider than 1199px and no smaller than769px.

or similar

  • thats why i said then go on make a “pull request”!! then maintainers will deal with it!!
  • also include those “step url” for more context

happy learning :slight_smile:

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