//Building a Survey Form

Hi everyone. I was on the second assignment and for some reason while reading the information on building a survey form there was no explanation on how to make the input for an email validate if its in the correct format. There was also no reading on quite a few other requirements for the assignment.

Am I missing something? Or are they just wanting me to research that on my own? I figured they would provide all the material for me to complete the assignments but just want to hear another persons experience with that! Would be good to know. Hope someone can chime in. Thank you

Hello, I’m on my second project as well. In my experience, FCC want you to research on your own so you won’t rely on the tutorial alone.
As for the email: you may use input type=’'email"

I hope this helps.

Hi Heidik.
As @passive told, part of learning is being able to search for solutions and investigate. In fact, it´s one of the most challenging and enrichment experiences of learning.

Good luck!

Cool good to know! Didn’t know if I was missing something… since I haven’t reached the end of the material yet. Thanks

Ya I don’t mind looking things up just wanted to double check. Thanks for your help:)