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Hello everyone, I am doing the Tribute Page challenging, actually I finished, but I am stuck with some problem. When I run the test 3 errors appears, saying I didn’t write 3 requested statements:
1 - a

element with corresponding id=“img-div”.
2 - Within the “img-div” element an element with a corresponding id=“image”.
3 - Within the “img-div” element, a corresponding id=“img-caption”.

The problem is, I wrote this statements, so why they didnt pass the test

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The steps must be follow at the verbatim.

  1. My portfolio should have a Welcome section with an id of “welcome-section”.

I do not see such a section.

Check each of the steps and contrast with the appropriate elements and their corresponding id.


You used the “Personal Portfolio” test, is the “Tribute Page” and I believe I already checked the verbatim, but still remains the same. Can you check if I did something wrong?

<div ="img-div"> forgot the id

should be <div id="img-div">

All passes after that fix!

Fix you html sintax. Fox example:

  • This

<div ="img-div"> <!-- where is id? -->

  • This

<img id="image"src="h... <!-- use space to separate attribs -->

Thank you some much!!! I knew it was something stupid… frowning:
Only a second person could see… Thanks again

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