Building Landing Page

I use media queries and pass the test, but still, it has no effect when i visit with my phone. I don’t understand why.

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Have you updated your codepen.?, because it says you did not pass the last instruction of using flexbox and it seems you haven’t used flexbox

I know, i haven’t used flexbox. I pass the challenge related with media queries, but they don’t actually work, that’s what worries me :frowning:

You have no CSS in there. No media query, no flex box. You need to write some CSS for it actually work, In the CSS box (Code pen does much of the work for you) so put CSS in the CSS box.

There are no media queries in there, that’s why it doesn’t work.

Things like: <br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br> are really bad practice. margins and padding should be handled in your CSS.

I do have CSS. it’s lumped in with HTML between tags. I couldn’t get my separate css tab to work.

Internal styling is not a good practice, add your style into the css box, and you have added media query for h1 element and it works at 480px, i don’t see a problem there.

Always practice external styling, once you start developing your proj, and if the html content is 500 to 600 lines, then think about css you added in your html file, so its not a good practice


Yeah, i tried again and it works now (or i guess it always worked and i was confused)
Thanks guys. i moved the CSS, it works fine now.
< br > s are there temporarily, i’ll start designing it asap :slight_smile:

I take it back, I found the media query. it only changes your text and seems to work fine but depending on the browser you may need !important on the font declaration.

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Yes, I have the situation about browsers :roll_eyes: and I tryed to solve it by myself. No result. And I even can’t understand how manage this