Media Query issue on Product Landing Project

In my project I have managed to getall user stories ticked off except the last two: 14 and 15. 14 demands a media query in my CSS and 15 requires one flexbox
The issue is everything I write in my CSS isn’t having any affect.
I tried this:
@media (max-width: 500px) {
dispaly: flex;
And this:
h2 {
display: flex;
justify-content: center;
But it has no effect and I don’t understand why other attempts havent worked either.

Link to my work:

Your code seems to have a media query right now
You are probably testing in the freecodecamp page.If you are:

  1. Have you linked your html to the css
    Tip: You can link by using the link tag(above your code ) and give the link tag an attribute of href="styles.css"
    Usage: <link href="styles.css">
  2. You can then try adding a flex
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I have checked your code.
It worked just add the link tag to link the css and also add the flex

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It worked!!! Thank you I have been stuck for 1.5 days on that your a legend!

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