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Hello, I’m about to start building my first Tribute Page of the Responsive Web Design Projects and I have 2 questions.

  • can we create a tribute about anybody we want?
  • in the theory we have learnt that only one ID should be used on a single page, however in the instructions it is written to use many IDs. Is this a trap?
    Thank you.
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    Etienne, Brussels

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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

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Yes, your tribute can be to whomever/whatever you want.

Concerning IDs, they must be unique on the page (e.g. you can only use the id “header” once on the page) but you can use as many different IDs as you need on the page. You can put an ID on every single element if you like, just as long as they are all unique. I don’t know of any theory that says you can only use one ID on a page. Perhaps you got that confused with the requirement that each ID needs to be unique?

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Hello, thank you for your quick reply and for the clarification you brought. I wrongly understood and interpreted IDs requirements and properties. I now better understand what is allowed with IDs. Thank you for this. Have a nice day or evening. Kind regards. Etienne

Before I wrote my own post about this same issue I did the research and found this post.

in all of the two html and css courses I have taken I walked away with the idea that you could only use one id per page. How odd.