Bullet point ideas.... how to build a blog using Nextjs?

So I got a rough decent idea on how to build a blog on Nexjs…

Here are some bullet points on how I am thinking on doing it… you are welcome to add, comment, any different ideas…

  • I am thinking on using just a hard coded path for each page.
  • I am going to create a blog component with props
  • Each page will pull the blog component and I’ll just fill in the props

^^^ this here will take care of each individual blog post as stand alone page… and this would be enough to get me started…


How can I create a preview page of all the blog posts? and how can I automatically add the new blog post to this preview page?

Once in an individual post page, how can I add a back and forward arrow to that it will direct me automatically to the next post? … I don’t want to manually add the link of the next post on each page… ideally I just want it to move to the next post if there is a next post.

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