Need help on back-end design

INTROHello guys. Its been a few months that i hadn’t visited here cause i stopped this curriculum and decided to enroll in my countries university and study Computer Science. Now that i am getting the hang of it i decided to get back on track with my desire to be a web developer cause.

MAINI currently am trying to create a history article blog-spot like website for a friend of mine.
Before the heavy work of creating some beautiful front-end it hit me that i have no idea how will he be able to upload the new articles he is writing. I simply dont get the idea behind it.
My first thought was to make a hidden route that he can only login to and add there the text and maybe images. and then that route will post it to the Database which will save the data and so on.

Are there any ideas how these websites work? Reference to CNN or BBC but think small.

If he’s interested in learning some tech stuff, I suggest you use static site generators like Gatsby. He can simply write blog posts by writing some markdown and drop them under “pages” directory and they will get displayed with their unique routes.

Otherwise, I suggest you build with WordPress. It will be easy for him to make posts since there will be type editors provided for him. But tweaking some front-end UI could be complex since these are built templates.

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This is not what i was looking for but it is noted and i will discuss it with him, so thank you!