Creating blog/diary to make notes

I am thinking about creating a blog/diary from scratch.
It would contain the everyday progress of learning, notes, and examples of usage of freshly learned code and would change as I learn.
I am currently learning HTML, CSS, JS and am planning to add PHP or Python and SQL later.

I don’t plan to upload it anywhere for now but I want it to be possible to do so in the future. Don’t want to use any templates as it is supposed to be training as well.

How should I do it?

Wordpress or GitHub pages to start and then think about creating backend myself when learning backend?
Maybe just keep all files in a folder and care about backend when learning PHP?

I am sorry if it’s confusing, It’s hard to define what I exactly want as I am not sure what is possible with what tools.

Basically, I want to:
make a website/blog/diary from scratch,
make new posts and changes to the site as I learn new things,
make it possible to use PHP/Python and SQL with this website when learning them in the future,
and don’t make something wrong to make uploading hard, in case I ever want to.

Thank you for your time.

Start writing.
Thats it!
Create that index.html and write your first post. Don’t worry about structure, architecture, backend – nothing of the sort. Your code (and blog) will get better naturally as you improve your skills.

If you really want to do this from scratch, I recommend not using WordPress, since it pretty much does the entire job for you, like a blog platform ought to. Focus on writing something that outputs html files into a directory, then put those files into github and publish on github pages. Write tools that automate this process so you don’t have to run git commands manually. Make those tools usable from a web front-end, and presto, you have the start of a blog platform.

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Thank You for answers, both different, both helpfull :slight_smile:

wow, that is a great idea. almost a pseudo code. :slight_smile:
Reading this really sparked my mind to learm how to make something like this. <3

I agree with @Puukallistaja and @chuckadams. This is an excellent undertaking that can be rewritten over and over with different technologies.

  • Start with index.html. When it gets too big break it up into smaller files with a directory structure like a Wordpress url year/month/day-is-optional/post

  • Posts have a structure that repeats. It can be rewritten as an RSS file.

  • Learn to save a file on the server, node or PHP, and save a form submission. Now you can make a flat file CMS (aka a Databaseless CMS). Google it. Some good concept and performance articles out there.

  • Add an online editor. A form with a text-area is the base of all online editors. What it WYSIWYG? text-area on the left and an iframe on the right wired together with javascript.

  • Learned SQL? Add a database. NOSQL database?

  • Learned React? Rewrite the front end as components.

If you were to use Git, then each bullet point could be a branch in a Repo and document your learning and current capabilities. You’d have a great understanding of how things work together because you handled each part. Congratulations Full Stack Developer!

Most important is to just start.