Tech stack for a blog that has a CRUD function

I want to build a blog where I can add / delete / catagorize acticles I wrote from the backend.
At the same time I want to upload files (mainly .txt or .doc files) to it where the readers are able to download it directly from my site.

What frontend and backend knowledge I need to have in order to achieve this.
I have learnt some HTML and CSS and javascript before. But when it comes to building a site that has CRUD function this is my first time.

Do you guys have any suggestions or tips??

I would like to rule out Wordpress right now because I want to learn some web technologies while creating this blog. I have some experience building a static site using Gatsby/React but I did not learn React explicitly before hand.

For the backend I hope it can be as simple as possible cos I am not very familiar with it and my requirements are quite simple.

Here is a website I built some time ago.
This is the most complex project I did , if you want to know where my knowledge level is at here is the link:

Also I have no idea how much the server is gonna cost me, and my main audience is gonna be located in mainland China, (just want to point out,I have no idea whether it makes any difference when it comes to building a blog or server purchasing).

There is no problem wanting to avoid it, but WP is a web technology. PHP is good at CRUD. Ruby on Rails is very good at it. Both are relatively simple. The key decider is, specifically, what you want to learn. Blogs are basically a solved problem, but building one will teach a load of things, pick what you want to learn

A static site cannot by definition act the way you want it to unless you rebuild the entire thing every time there is a CRUD operation.

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I see. I want to learn using PHP (probably Laravel?) to create a simple blog.

Also about the server, how much do I have to pay for it ? Roughly. Can I find any free hosting online?

Most of the free online hosting I have known are for static pages.

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I also have some knowledge with SQL before, I learnt it through khan academy about a year ago. So I am familiar with the basics. I don’t know whether it is useful.

Not really (+ you get what you pay for tbh). Digital Ocean is good and is $5 a month. Amazon Lightsail is free for first month then $3.50 for cheapest level, another good option. Heroku is pretty good. Google Cloud will have comparable offerings. AWS (and Google) have a big free tier for trying things out, which is v useful.

SQL knowledge is definitely likely to be useful to you.

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